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A Few Years Back we ran into a problem with some of our older lathes... we just didn't have enough tool holders to finish some of our jobs, or if we did... some jobs were taking too long to switch between tools.   Foxwood machine's motto is "make it happen" ... so, we did!  We solved our problem by creating the turretgang tool holder.  We now have the ability to have 3 tools in one holder.

The turretgang allows us to hold more tools in our turret and it also saves us time changing between tools.

The tool worked so well for us that we decided to share it with the world.


Why use the Turretgang?
.  More tools available in your turret
.  Immediately reduces manufacturing cycle time
.  Mounts in your OD tool holder location on turret
.  Right hand design
.  Reduces the need for second operations
.  Coolant through toolholder design. 

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