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The Turretgang Tool Holder
a Foxwood Machine Product

The Turretgang™ (patent pending) holds up to three round tools and is mounted in OD tool locations on the turret. Turretgang speeds up machining due to the gang style spacing of tools. Rapid movement from tool to tool on the Turretgang permits turret lathes to compete with screw or slide machines. X-axis programming allows the operator to take advantage of the reduced machining cycle benefits of slide type lathes.  

The Turretgang is available in several standard models, all in coolant thru design, for both channel and tool block-style turrets and holds up to three tools. The additional tools on the lathe that are made possible by Turretgang will often eliminate secondary operations, resulting in improved quality and further reducing machining time and cost significantly. For example, you can center drill, drill and ream or tap rapidly from the same turret location. Turretgang can be special ordered per customer specific sizes and tool pockets.

Check out the products/services page to see which turretgang style/size is for you!

Below is a video of the turretgang in action!  (2 turret gangs in use)

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